* Fishermen caught in fallout__________________

* Reptile hit by hydrogen bombs________________

* Scientist surprised by gamma rays____________

* Screwed-up criticality experiment____________

* Scientist x-rays himself_____________________

* Soldiers face nuclear bombs__________________

* Workers eat radium___________________________

* Radioactive blood poisoning__________________

...more to come______

cross sections:_______________
**** pluriaxial_face___________________________
** BIKINI intersection 1954___________________________

F E E D B A C K FORUM______

The Museum of Atomic perMutation

collects stories about the power of radiation to alter bodies.

M.A.p. unfolds tragic and magic
worlds of invisible rays, mysterious forces, hopes and fears.

M.A.p. will continue to grow
and mutate, if not progress.

(more definition?)

Stephen Hartzog
C U R A T O R, MAp

please comment at will!
contact: s2 at nukes dot org


M.A.p. is a project of

Progress is fiction; we grow as we go.
last update: June 2000