Branching Narrative

Assignment #2
Create a branching narrative. This is a new form of narrative. It requires input from the user in the form of choices. Each "place" can lead to more than one other "place", which in turn leads to further options.
How do the parts of these subsequences relate, and how do all the parts relate to the whole?

Due: October ...

Medium: Flash

File Size Limit: Think WWWeb.

Required Elements:
Minimum of 13 "nodes"
Media: Sound, Text, Image
Techniques: Use all basic mouse events for buttons.

There are many possible types of branching possible. Will it be an impressionistic, poetic collage? Will it be a logical, navigable structure, like an encyclopedia?

Why should a button look like a button? Why not interface through the characters themselves ...

How will you move from node to node, how will you transition? Will these movements be an intrinsic part of the narrative, or will they be simple fades ...?

Choose one of three settings, then choose one of three characters, then choose one of three objects, then see what happens.

Within a node there may be subnodes. Example: in a park setting, rolling over a dog make it do tricks.

Some Recent Finds:
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 Schema Samples
 Note: not all possible interconnections are represented,
  and there are many more possible schema.
Strict Choice
Forking Paths
Limited Internavigability